ANdrew karnavasAndrew Karnavas has written, recorded and produced six studio albums and multiple singles in a variety of genres, including Blues, Americana, and Children’s Music. He has been a featured performer at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, and at Houston’s Wortham Center. Currently, Andrew is producing an original score and sound effects in collaboration with Yawp Records colleague Matthew Buehrer for the cross-platform video game
Plenty by Tiny Lions Inc, and launching a K-12 music-based learning curriculum for HISD in collaboration with Histrionix Learning Company.

“Andrew Karnavas’ music is full of mystery and mood, so Film Noir seems a fitting title for his new collection of originals. The songs are alternately smoky and smooth, countryish and classical, hushed and heartfelt.” – Joey Guerra, Houston Chronicle

“When Karnavas is playing alone on the stage, just him and his guitar, he sounds like what a big empty field looks like before it rains. Film Noir develops theatrically, playing like a movie soundtrack, hinting at love lost and regret in a desolate-tinged Americana style – think Wilco but more sincere.” – Shea Serrano, Houston Modern Luxury Magazine