Andrew Karnavas + Freneticore Dance at the Wortham Center!

Posted by on Jul 17, 2015

In this era of binge watching, where television shows are better than ever, we are spending more time caught in a world between art and reality. And I love it. I plowed through the first season of Daredevil recently and it felt great, like listening to a new album cover to cover. Albums are largely going away in music, but they’re alive in television. On August 1, I am collaborating with Freneticore Dance to present Film Noir at the Wortham Center’s Cullen Theater. The music for this show includes three reworked versions of songs from my 2010 solo album – Film Noir, Fireflies, and I Didn’t Mind – and two brand new songs that are entirely electronic and co-arranged and co-produced by my Runaway Sun band mate Matthew Davis Buehrer. Throughout Film Noir, an avid film fan is absorbed into the action and turned into a silver screen femme fatale. She journeys through a world between art and reality, a world of murder, doubt, and mystery, with the hope of leaving a dark past behind and being able to love again. Listen to this new song, Danger: It is a major thrill to be working with such a talented dance company and to watch them add a new dimension to the music through movement. In addition I get to collaborate with my girlfriend, the super creative Grace Rodriguez. She is pursuing her fascination with interactive art projections and creating a series of visualizations that the dancers will manipulate in real time with their movement onstage that will be projected on a giant screen behind them. To top it off, I am also collaborating with Director of Photography Raul Casares, the man behind the camera for Runaway Sun’s Bad Bad Man music video, to shoot black and white video footage of Houston as part of the show’s setting. Mix it all together and you get a wonderful blend of site and sound across many art forms. And that’s just the opening act! That night Freneticore will also perform Rite of Summer, their modern take on Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, with a musical score that has been “chopped and screwed” by Houston composer Chris Becker. Please join us August 1 at the Wortham Center for an unforgettable experience. CLICK TO GET TICKETS...

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