The Art and Importance of Asking for Help

Posted by on May 30, 2014

I have a hard time asking for help.

Yesterday, I launched an IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign asking for $8000 to create the AndyRoo and the AndyRooniverse Color Your World Album and Activity Book for kids. Please watch the video to learn more, it was fun to make:

Today there is a lot on my mind, specifically the idea of asking for help. It’s something I think about often, and I highly recommend Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk about it (thank you, Grace, for showing it to me), because it really sheds light on how imperative asking for help is to an artist’s (and really, everyone’s) survival.

I have a hard time asking for help, but not for egotistical reasons. It’s more like I have neglected to spend enough time developing that art form, as Amanda says. I have avoided the awkwardness of learning how to ask for help, of being okay with not being able to do everything myself. Okay, that sounds like an ego thing after all!

I come from a wonderful family with two incredibly strong parents. One of my big takeaways while growing up was that no one owes me anything, and that the world is a tough place. I was also taught to remember and celebrate generosity. When a person helps me without wanting anything in return, I am amazed. I love that moment. I love it because it flies in the harsh face of the world and creates a smile. It’s a flower growing through the concrete. It’s unlikely, and I never expect it, but there it is, and it’s beautiful.

When my father was terminally ill, friends and mere acquaintances brought us meals to the hospital. My family needed help, and we got it in a big way. We got it without asking, and we got it even more when we did ask for it. In the midst of tremendous suffering, my belief in humanity reached an all-time high, and it has stayed there.

I am asking for your help to create something special for kids. Please support the AndyRooniverse. The more people involved, the more this project will connect with our world. Behind every show booked, there is someone saying, “Yes, we’ll invite you to present your work here” and there is an audience willing to take a chance. Behind every song written for these kids, there is a happy memory that my parents shaped in my childhood and hours spent playing guitar and crafting lyrics. Behind every illustrated character, there is Grace’s time, energy, and handiwork. Behind every review in the press, there is writer who picked our mission over hundreds of other requests and topics. The AndyRooniverse is a place created by the ever-expanding landscape or our imaginations. I believe in togetherness and I’ve learned that the world is only tough if you don’t ask for help. I am alive and I am hopeful. Thank you all.

Color Your World,

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