My Pedals

Posted by on May 23, 2013

When you go to a show, you might notice that the guitar players have these pedals at their feet, used to make different sound effects. Some guitarists have an entire spaceship. My rig is pretty simple. I just mounted everything on some plywood with industrial strength Velcro over the weekend, it was much cheaper than buying an actual pedal board and it gets the job done. These are my pedals: Danelectro Reel Echo Tape Delay pedal – I mostly use this delay pedal to add a little slap back to the signal and lo-fi surf rock tones, but it can also create infinite echo/ outer space noises. Boss Tuner Pedal – Stay in tune! Vox wah pedal – I only use the wah pedal sometimes, mostly in drawn out ways to create filter sweeping effect. There are a million wah pedals out there, I like the Vox because is has a warm, round tone. Boss DS-1 distortion pedal – super cheap and great distortion. It worked for Kurt Cobain! Boss Tremolo – I love tremolo, and this pedal is really easy to use. Zvex Fuzz Factory – I am still trying to figure out how to tame this beast. A very cool fuzz pedal, but I think it is more suited for lead guitar work. Sounds really cool along with the wah pedal.        ...

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