It’s Hip to Be Square: Free Credit Card Reader for Bands

Posted by on Jun 20, 2011

Look at how small Square is!

With all of the cloud-based music platforms popping up this year, the music industry is taking another interesting turn.  I’m very curious how this is going to turn out for the musicians.  We’re going to be compensated based on the number of times our songs are streamed, so it’s very important for musicians to distribute their music on as many platforms as possible and to have it accurately registered and labeled so that SoundExchange can track the number of plays, collect money and give it to musicians.  Fractions of a penny for each time a song is streamed will add up after enough plays, and how do we get more plays?  With more fans acquired through online, print and street promotion, and through touring.  Touring will always be imperative, and it presents the opportunity to create and sell really cool merchandise.  Accepting credit cards on tour has been a challenge to bands in the past, but not anymore.

Any band with access to an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android phone during their gigs can use a Square to accept credit card payments for merchandise.  I just did an AndyRoo show at Ruta Maya in Austin, and we used the Square for transactions on my new album.  It works great, the fans get a kick out of signing on the phone with their finger.

Thank you, Square.  No more renting bulky credit card terminals or saying “there’s an ATM over there that will charge you an extra $3 to buy my stuff.”

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