I Need That Record!

Posted by on Jan 2, 2011

Last night I watched I Need That Record, a documentary about “the death or possible survival of the independent record store.”

The film talks to independent record store owners and listeners. It talks about the independent record store being the only place where you can find a particular band’s music, and mentions that art has nothing to do with mass culture. In the cases of closing stores, people interviewed were sad to be losing their community hangout.

I thought about Cactus Music the entire time. I’ve been in Houston for almost five years, and the only person I knew when I moved here was my sister. When I think of my time here, the majority of my friendships have stemmed from music and the places I go where it’s available- live music venues and record stores. I’ve made friends at Cactus. If Cactus disappeared, it would be terrible. This film is about a community’s responsibility for defining it’s own culture. How do we accept that responsibility? How do we become more active in our community?

What can we do? These are questions that need to be asked regularly, and answered with action. I have friends who talk about community all the time, and some of them do a lot for the community, but this film really hit me, it makes sense to me. It focuses on the major foundation for my community friendships, and it made me think about how different I would be if that foundation was damaged, and it made me wonder how I could improve the community so that other people have places where they can go and be inspired and cultivate friendships. There is something bigger than you and me, and it can’t survive without us.

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