2011 Houston Web Awards – I won!

Posted by on Jul 1, 2011

The Houston Press presented the first annual Houston Web Awards on June 30th.  I received the award for Best Use of Twitter to Promote a Personal Brand.  A big thanks to the Houston Press. I moved to Houston five years ago with a few songs, and now I have four working projects.  I am very proud of this award.  It represents the effort of so many people in this great city: Monica Danna – My good friend who signed me up on Twitter and became my first follower.  Thanks, Monica. Grace Rodriguez – My girlfriend who gets a kick out of working on my web sites in her spare time and keeps me motivated to dream big and work hard to make the world a better place.  Thanks, Grace. JR Cohen – My good friend since the Coffee Groundz days, he has tweeted about me many times and rallied the tweeps to the shows.  Thanks, JR. Chris Longwood, Gina Miller, and Dan Workman – My family at SugarHill Studios who have created a professional, relaxed environment for making music.  Thanks, SugarHill, and many records to come. Daniel de Luna, Marshall West, Brian del Castillo, Nick Gaitan, Bart Maloney, Rajiv Grover and Zero – my band mates who have been there to help me develop the bands, the sounds on the records, and the excitement in our audience.  This one’s for you guys. Paul Galland, Javits Rajendran, Everett Taasevigen, Mark C. Austin, and John Powers – the excellent Houston photographers we’ve worked with over the past few years for our band shoots.  Thanks for making us look good, fellas. Finally, thank you to the fans.  You make playing music the best job in the world.  ...

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