Valentine’s Day– the song, the show

Posted by on Feb 11, 2009

Valentine’s Day.  It’s a big day for couples.  I have been absorbed in booking shows and recording songs lately, so I have missed the displays and the commercials, but Valentine’s Day is a big day for me too.  There was one particular V-day that I still care to remember, it was so special that I wrote a song about it called what else?  Valentine’s Day.  I wrote it the week after Valentine’s Day last year, and next week I get to play it at a show, surrounded by couples at candlelit tables.  It all sounds so…doesn’t it?

I’m willing to bet everyone has at least one pleasant Valentine’s Day memory.  Embrace it!  If you’re still looking for one, come to my show and I’ll sing you a song about mine.  That way neither one of us will be lonely…




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