April Fool’s…but you knew that.

Posted by on Apr 1, 2009

To all of the people who congratulated me for the completely fictitious achievement posted earlier today, thank you.  I’m glad you believe in the songs enough that you think 100,000 British and Japanese people would buy “Stranger” in a month.  If this little joke angered anyone, there is still time to project your anger in the form of an April Fool’s Day joke on someone else.

For being a good sport, you can download Soft Spoken for free from my upcoming solo album here (no joke):

Soft Spoken

Tell your friends, and thank you for checking out my site.  You can find other clips and more info at 
My Solo Page
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  1. Jackass! ! ! ! ! But you knew that… How could you do that??? We are believing in you. How do I know you don’t have someone repping your singles in Japan. Have you even tried tapping that market??? Tell me there aren’t 100,000 Japanese girls that don’t think you’re hot. That was bad.

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